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If you have not yet played The Cheers Game, we highly recommend it!
It sets the stage for the best evening. Trust us. 

Do you not believe in us completely? Do not doubt +30,000 others who have already acquired the game. If you want to hear more reviews, aske those in town that looks like they’ve had the best party. We are sure they have tried it just before. We mean look at them, this is what Cheers gives. 

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Of course! It can happen to even the best player. You need to go up to the menu bar, press ‘Products’ and depending on whether it’s the game rules of the Cheers game or No Limit. You can then download the game rules and print them out if desired. 

The Cheers Game is a complete board game, with gagme board, hourglass, game pieces and a lot of crazy cards. Across No Limit is our product, which is perfect for travel or by combining No Limit with the Cheers Game. Across No Limit is just hundred playing cards that’s a little more over the border. 


For questions regarding the product, please contact Rasmus at rw@cheersspillet.dk 

We’re often looking for new influencers, but often we have planned it already a few months ahead. But you are always welcome to write to us! 

Write to Camilla at cb@cheersspillet.dk – we look forward to hear from you. 

Every internship season, we get new interns in. Under the menu bar ‘Jobs and Internships’ can you find more information. The same applies if we have vacancies in relation to part-time or full-time work. 


For questions contact Emil at emil@cheersspillet.dk 

We do different events every year, which have very different to offer. Among other things. We do a lot in collaboration with influencers. But in hte year 2022, we want to  be even stronger for our events. 

For questions, contact Caroline at ca@cheersspillet.dk